America’s Veterans helped US, They deserve Our Help Now!

Please help Advantage US Vets Inc put unemployed Veterans back to Work.
The Roots, Sprouts & Happenings Cluster, provides Veterans will hands-on training to jumpstart their new careers or businesses.
Vets learn and earn, and receive meaningful benefits. They use their daily hands-on experiences to make new decisions about their lives, to grasp new opportunities.
The Cluster training is challenging work, but never dull.
The Cluster provides safe camaraderie with connectivity to neighboring communities and new friends.
Your contribution gives helps an unemployed Veteran hold a job to earn a paycheck.  
Thank you.
To learn more about AUV’s Cluster Training Program please visit our main web site at:


Recognition Respect Responsibility and Rewards


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A Training Center for Unemployed post 9/11 Veterans

The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead Bed & Breakfast

Upstate New York


Here’s what you need to know about AUV’s Training Programs.


1 AUV’s Programs create opportunity by giving Veterans hands-on training in

  •  Agribusiness/Tourism /Construction
  • Digital Technology
  • Management/Marketing/Sales
  • The Art of Living Well


  1. AUV’S Programs build on veterans’ military experiences to empower their civilian character: What They Are Today. People admired and respected for their leadership, commitments and accomplishments


  1. AUV’s Programs create JOBS. AUV hires and pays Veterans locally completive salaries and wages, provides good-health benefits as well as snappy self-selected uniforms and staff breakfasts.


AUV’s 100% Secure online system gives you choices for making yourcontribution: via PayPal or a major credit card.

Or, you can mail your directly to:

Advantage US Vets Inc Checking Account

Community Bank, N.A. – Mail Teller

Post Office Box 100 -132 Main Street

Morris NY 13808-0100

Community Bank will hold contributions in escrow until site purchase settlement or Veterans Day 2014.


Thank you for supporting AUV.

The AUV Team



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With YOUR donation, Advantage US Vets Inc (AUV) can purchase  The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead  site by Tuesday, November 11 , 2014. Your donation can help make the Farmstead a reality. Here’s an overview:

The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead B&B

DSCN0705A workplace for unemployed post 9/11 Veterans

Upstate New York

 Recognition Respect Responsibility and Rewards

 For our Veterans, AUV seeks to purchase an established farm to create a four-season retreat destination, healthy, fertile, pleasant, and sustainable; a transitional community-within-a-community for hands-on training, new experiences, and connectivity.

The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead community offers: Challenge Fascination Relevance Renewal & Delight

 Criteria Preferences:

  • A veteran friendly historic community nearby
  • Level, southern exposure fields with fertile soil, good drainage; toxic -free soil a huge plus.
  • Access to cultural, educational, recreational, social activities attractive to veterans and guests
  •  Horse barn: 6 – 12 heated stalls with windows, water and electricity, heated quarters for tact, washing, grooming and shoeing. Nearby hay and feed storage.
  •  Equipment barn with shop
  • Hennery
  • Fenced pastures and paddocks
  • Indoor and outdoor riding arenas
  • Water: Pond, creek, stream
  • Forest/woods/trails (accessible)
  • Outdoor areas for putting green, fire pit, zip lines, archery targets, birdwatching, and dog kennels
  • Main House: Great room with 4/5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms
  • Adjunct guest house.
  • Space to build  staff housing (temporary)

Thank you for your donation. Your generosity will change  the quality of life for an unemployed veteran.

Call or email with your questions or comments. For details see our website

Our email address is









The Power of Choice
The Power to Change The Power of Excellence

What Can AUV Programs Change?
An Unemployed Vet to an Employee.

Advantage US Vets Inc is committed to using intelligence, compassion and generosity to support and encourage recently discharged unemployed veterans

AUV is committed to hiring veterans to work on a beautiful farmstead in rural upstate New York.

AUV is committed to providing veterans with training, assistance, experience, connections, and community.

AUV’s community is a working farmstead surrounded by scenic and historic villages, close to educational, recreational and social activities.

AUV’s programs are holistic providing teaching, learning, and earned incomes, while promoting renewal and wellness.

With your help, together we can actually make a change in the lives of some of our unemployed veterans.

Jobless Veterans need your donation to fuel a change.

Please Go To the AUV website:
To Make a DonationNow
Thank YOU!
Making a Difference in Another Person’s Life is heartfelt.
You’ll Feel Good. You’ll Be Glad You Did.



The search is a squiggly puzzle. At one and the same time: the pieces of the puzzle fit together to create the optimal AUV farmstead community to hire our Heroes. The experience is a privilege, a challenge, and a joy.

We’ve found a community where veterans are welcome. A safe, serene place with acreage to support the hay, soybean, and organic vegetable crops, flowers and herbs, horses and ponies, Art practice and physical training. With nearby farmers’ markets.

Of course, there’s the bread and breakfast enterprise, too. And to tie the programs together, the management and current technology operations.

The current property owner is a retired NYC businessman, accomplished horse breeder and trainer, a gracious, likeable and generous human. And the realtor is a Viet Nam Marine. Semper Fi.

Please keep AUV in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward to fill our mission to hire returning unemployed veterans. With your financial support and encouragement, AUV can bring its vision to reality.

Yes! Working together we can make the Roots and Sprouts Farmstead happen.

Please make a donation now by pushing the DONATE button at the top right
Of AUV website We are all grateful to you: the Board of Trustees, officers, partners, and Volunteers. THANK YOU.


By Betsy Browne
Upstate Central New York

April 5, 13

To Help
Veterans Help Themselves
AUV Practices
Recognition, Respect, and Responsibility & Reward


Reward. To bestow an honor. To care about the work or well being of another person To look back on a job well done.

As our active duty military transition from their combat zones to their homes states, AUV recognizes and respects their many contributions-offered unasked – to our freedom.

For many, this transition is difficult, painful, and without rewards for their service: a job, family and community connectivity, a new consciousness with new energy and commitments.

AUV’s proposed farmstead, a workplace for recently discharged veterans, offers the rewards of opportunity: change and renewal, and training and assistance. Vets earn paychecks for their hard work while seizing new opportunities with new rewards.


By Betsy Browne
Upstate Central New York

Tuesday, March 19,2013

To Help
Veterans Help Themselves
AUV Practices
Recognition, Respect Responsibility & Rewards


These are tough times. Particularly for our overseas warriors
and recently discharged veterans. A salute to you as you seek
new ways to make peace in our time. We Honor You with our

Respect. Actions to honor our military:

• Accepting each individual, all ranks and services;
• Listening and responding to their stories;
• Attending community events celebrating their service;
Visiting local VA medcenters to meet and talk with patients;
• Taking a platter of cookies to share for staff, visitors, and patients.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Make a difference, make it Happen.” Anon.



AUV recognizes the heroic and courageous service of each veteran.
We recognize their individual needs for work, training, assistance and acceptance. We recognize
that simple, ordinary work in clean air is
life giving, where equilibrium, unity, and wholeness are restored.


By Betsy Browne @AUV
Upstate Central New York

AUV Helps Unemployed Vets

AUV is a unique, innovative and holistic WorkPlace.

AUV’ Seven Programs provide transitional steps to support and encourage new civilians as they
shift roles from military duties to responsibilities on the home front.

AUV hires new civilians.

They work in a safe, beautiful rural community farmstead, The Roots and Sprouts Farmstead surrounded by mentors and fellow veterans.

The Farmstead offers employees, their families, guests and neighbors, a harmonious, toxin-free healthy environment.

Roots & Sprouts employees share their harvests with the neighboring communities.

The Seven Programs provide experiential training to promote self-sufficiency, new confidence and new career opportunities.

AUV employees earn incomes to provide access to local housing, safe food, appropriate clothing and community life. In exchange, AUV members cause a positive impact on their communities.

Employees pursue entrapeurnial activities to strengthen strategic and tactical skills, math, reading comprehension, writing skills and mechanical abilities. They enjoy fun, too!

The holistic programs include nutritious, farm-fresh tasty breakfasts and staff meals, art practice, regular exercise, and regular work hours.

Career enhancement is an essential AUV Program component. Regular reviews produce new outlooks, new outcomes. These outcomes create eligibility for new, promising career opportunities.

AUV mentors carefully guide and direct members during their job searches—realistic goal assessments, resume and interview preparation, and decision evaluations,

AUV community members enjoy life-long mentoring access.

The Roots and Sprouts Farmstead upholds it embedded core values.

AUV members participate to make the Community one that promotes whole body mind and spirit wellness and attracts growth.

Recognition, Respect, Responsibility, and Rewards.

Thank you for taking an interest in AUV. If you have any questions or just want a little connectivity,
please email ms at Be of good cheer. More to follow.


Practicing Veterans’ Preference.

Our Mission, Goals, and Services are coming together, Ready to Spring to Life, to Give Back to our Returning Veterans.

Shortly theAdvantage US Vets Inc emerging Board of Trustees of will meet in Clayville New York.  They will ratify the organizations incorporation, elect officers, vet our  501 (c) 3 1023 application and review a site appraisal for The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead & Guest Lodge. Wow!

Our website URL is

Please take a look-see and  “Click”  on “About US” to learn more about our Goals and Programs.We’ll be adding photographs and links periodically. Give us your Comments and  Questions. Your insights are valued. Like US, too. We are grateful to you too.

As we step towards Election Day  2012,Tuesday, November 6, mark your calendars now  to Vote. Please take a moment to remind friends to Vote. Can you give friends or neighbors a ride to their polling place?  Our Votes are Important.  Our Votes Matter. On Election Day, Tuesday, November 6.

With Delight and Harmony, with small steps, keep smiling, keep singing. We Live Good Lives. Rejoice and Give Thinks.