America’s Veterans helped US, They deserve Our Help Now!

Please help Advantage US Vets Inc put unemployed Veterans back to Work.
The Roots, Sprouts & Happenings Cluster, provides Veterans will hands-on training to jumpstart their new careers or businesses.
Vets learn and earn, and receive meaningful benefits. They use their daily hands-on experiences to make new decisions about their lives, to grasp new opportunities.
The Cluster training is challenging work, but never dull.
The Cluster provides safe camaraderie with connectivity to neighboring communities and new friends.
Your contribution gives helps an unemployed Veteran hold a job to earn a paycheck.  
Thank you.
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Monthly Archives: June 2013

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Today’s a day to remember our flag and all it means. Happy Flag Day!


As we work to establish our Roots & Sprouts Farmstead, we sometimes hear from folks thinking something along the lines of, “I thought the VA took care of unemployed vets,” or “I thought veterans received preference to guarantee them a job.” The belief being that the problem of veterans unemployment is somehow already well-managed by the government, or companies — and that what we do at Advantage US Vets is redundant, or simply unnecessary.

That’s just not the case, unfortunately.

The Veterans Administration is severely underfunded, and can’t meet all the needs of veterans.

And, as to the idea of “veterans preference,” there’s the story of Rebecca Bryson and her husband, a vet, about the problems encountered by him attaining a job around where they live in Idaho.

“My husband retired from the military after 36 years in November 2010. Unable to find employment in this area and had to go out of state!! He is now driving [a] truck across country. Way to thank our military!!!!” Mrs. Bryson recently complained in a group on the LinkedIn website.

Mrs. Bryson says that her husband applied for at least 20 federal jobs and 10 state jobs (all within 75 miles of Boise) since retiring, and “has NEVER been granted an interview.”

“Considering the hoops that candidates have to jump through when completing these applications and considering his veteran’s status concerns me as a citizen. So he we are with him forced to take a job out-of-state that requires completion of training which can take up to 6 months. If we are not willing to take care of our veteran’s what right do we have to ask them to defend and protect us,” she says.

The Brysons are not alone. John Ferguson piped in to tell his story and the difficulties he’s seen as a veteran trying to find a good job.

“I actually had a supervisor tell me that he was giving me a phone interview only because he HAD to. At that point, it didn’t matter what my qualifications were or what I said in the phone interview, I was never going to be given fair consideration for the position,” Mr. Ferguson said. “This is the only time that this kind of discrimination has been blatantly obvious, but it makes me wonder how many times this has happened with other state positions I have applied for. Veterans Preference may be mandated by law, but that doesn’t prevent animosity towards veterans or protect their chances for fair consideration.”

Sadly, cases like these are not isolated incidents. Day after day they add up, from coast to coast. These unemployed vets should not be forgotten heroes. Brave men and women who serve our country–and make the sacrifices they have in the process–should not have this much trouble finding good jobs.

AUV exists to make a small, but meaningful, contribution to solving this problem right here in our neighborhood of Upstate New York.

Hopefully, you agree and will support our work right now: