America’s Veterans helped US, They deserve Our Help Now!

Please help Advantage US Vets Inc put unemployed Veterans back to Work.
The Roots, Sprouts & Happenings Cluster, provides Veterans will hands-on training to jumpstart their new careers or businesses.
Vets learn and earn, and receive meaningful benefits. They use their daily hands-on experiences to make new decisions about their lives, to grasp new opportunities.
The Cluster training is challenging work, but never dull.
The Cluster provides safe camaraderie with connectivity to neighboring communities and new friends.
Your contribution gives helps an unemployed Veteran hold a job to earn a paycheck.  
Thank you.
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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Daniel “Doc” Jacobs is the first U.S. Navy veteran to return to active duty after surviving an IED blast in Iraq, and over 50 surgeries. After all that, he tried out for the L.A. Dodgers and proved wounded warriors everywhere are doing great things and continue to inspire us all.


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We at Advantage US Vets recently inaugurated our Garden of Honor as a way for Americans to honor and memorialize their favorite veterans.

Now, as we approach Memorial Day, we’ve opened our Garden not just to veterans — but for all to have the opportunity to be commemorated by their loved ones.

To support the establishment of our Roots & Sprouts Farmstead and our programs to support unemployed veterans, AUV is offering commemorative bricks to all through our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.

To dedicate a brick in the Garden, please visit our campaign on the Indiegogo website. Scroll down through our “Perks” to find A PLACE IN THE GARDEN OF HONOR to dedicate a brick for $100, or IN THE GARDEN OF GLORY to dedicate a larger brick for $250. Regular bricks provide for three (3) lines, with a maximum of 18 characters per line. The larger bricks provide for five (5) lines, with a maximum of 18 characters per line.

As always, thanks for your support of AUV and our programs!


We at Advantage U.S. Vets want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Allie McNeil for inviting us on a special Memorial Day edition of her Internet radio program today to talk about veterans and what we at AUV are doing to help them make the transition from military to civilian life.

As you enjoy your holiday weekend, please give a listen:

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We at Advantage U.S. Vets are proud to announce that we’ve taken our next big step in making our Roots & Sprouts Farmstead a reality as a place where we can hire our unemployed veterans and help them successfully transition to civilian life.

By going live today with our campaign on Indiegogo, we’ve launched our first major fundraising effort toward helping put vets to work at a not-for-profit workplace where they work in a setting which is safe, attractive and offers training and companionship. Our mission is different, innovative, and holistic.

As a grassroots nonprofit, Advantage US Vets programs were created by veterans for veterans, to help them help themselves. Our programs in organic agriculture, hospitality, business/technology, community service, and more are designed to meet a range of needs experienced by returning veterans.

Honorably discharged veterans will work in the fields and greenhouses, in the honeybee yards and hennery, and animal rescue quarters, manage the farmstead lodge—operated as a b&b, perform community outreach, and more – in a safe, positive, holistic environment designed to ease the often-difficult transition from military to civilian life.

 We need your help to make AUV’s Roots and Sprouts Farmstead a reality.  We are counting on Americans like you to be there for our veterans who deployed on our behalf–often again and again.

Please visit our Indiegogo campaign and consider giving for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of unemployed U.S. vets. Please find out more about us and our programs, because we are working to become your favorite charitable organization.


sunflowersThe AUV farmstead is in Upatate New York.  Rural Upstate. The farmstead is housed amongst rolling hills, pastures creeks and waterfalls, scenic vistas and small, colorful historic villages. Friendly villages.

The Roots and Sprouts Farmstead is a working community where recently discharged veterans come to work, where they are hired to work and receive a living wage for their work.

The farmstead community provides opportunity for renewal, training, experience, and new connections. Farm work-boots take the place of military boots and tasty, delicious farm fresh meals take the place of MREs.  Camaraderie, a cherished military tradition hallmark prevails at the Farmstead.

The Farmstead is a good place to work: to enjoy the hard work of organic farming, the joys of tending rescued horses and dogs, baking artisanal bread, greeting and assisting Lodge guests and vising with them during afternoon tea.  It’s all a part of Community Life and the JOB and it comes with a paycheck.

Please help to make our AUV Roots & Sprouts Farmstead a reality. Opt-in to our mailing list by signing up to receive our emails. We value your privacy and will safeguard your name and address. Please also consider donating to our fundraising. You can do so right now using the Donate button on this blog page. Thank you!

 **Recognition * Respect * Responsibility * Rewards**


Marine Corps veteran Alfred Brenner certainly embodies the military ethos of “leave no one behind,” and is looking for our help to do it.

Brenner was a military working dog handler from Camp Pendleton, Calif.–until he was hit by an Improvised Explosive Device while clearing a building on patrol during deployment to Afghanistan. Not only was Brenner gravely wounded, but he  also lost his “best friend and partner,” a German Shepherd named Grief.

Brenner now is transitioning to civilian life — but not finding it so easy.

“I learned first hand that dealing with the post-deployment stress along with all other disabilities is just the beginning of unforeseen obstacles; all which seem never ending,” he says. “My plan was to retire from the service and move back home to New Jersey. I want to be able to finally own a home and start a family without dealing with the stressors of the military life-style. I want to provide for my family and at the same time be able to go to school to earn my degree. Through transition I experienced that all of these dreams and goals are not so easily obtained. Despite all of the classes, preparations and programs given by the military it doesn’t come close to exposing us to a real dose of reality.”

Today Brenner is raising funds “but more importantly raise awareness of this complex situation, because unfortunately I am not alone,” he says.

Through his funds, Brenner wants to help not only his family — but the entire family of veterans — by creating an organization which “will allow Veterans to achieve their specific needs and goals.”

Mr. Brenner’s mission is very much the mission we have at AUV. As such we encourage our friends to lend their support and wish him all the best:


It goes without saying that a veteran’s sense of service never dies–and that’s certainly true for Dic Donohue and his classmates from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI).

A Navy vet, Donohue continued to be a hero to his community as transit police officer in Boston, when he sustained life threatening injuries as he put himself in harm’s way the evening of Thursday, April 18 in the wake of the marathon bombings. Donohue was injured as a result of a shoot-out with the suspects behind the attacks.

Now Donohue’s old VMI classmates have banded together to start a fund to support Donohue and his family, as he is a husband and father to a young son.

Those classmates launched their fund via the Indiegogo website — and the world has thankfully responded to this story of heroism and selflessness. The fund has raised more than $75,000 — far more than the $10,000 goal the classmates set for themselves.

We at AUV encourage our friends also to help stand behind this veteran and Boston hero. Visit the funding campaign here: