America’s Veterans helped US, They deserve Our Help Now!

Please help Advantage US Vets Inc put unemployed Veterans back to Work.
The Roots, Sprouts & Happenings Cluster, provides Veterans will hands-on training to jumpstart their new careers or businesses.
Vets learn and earn, and receive meaningful benefits. They use their daily hands-on experiences to make new decisions about their lives, to grasp new opportunities.
The Cluster training is challenging work, but never dull.
The Cluster provides safe camaraderie with connectivity to neighboring communities and new friends.
Your contribution gives helps an unemployed Veteran hold a job to earn a paycheck.  
Thank you.
To learn more about AUV’s Cluster Training Program please visit our main web site at:

Monthly Archives: October 2012

Practicing Veterans’ Preference.

Our Mission, Goals, and Services are coming together, Ready to Spring to Life, to Give Back to our Returning Veterans.

Shortly theAdvantage US Vets Inc emerging Board of Trustees of will meet in Clayville New York.  They will ratify the organizations incorporation, elect officers, vet our  501 (c) 3 1023 application and review a site appraisal for The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead & Guest Lodge. Wow!

Our website URL is

Please take a look-see and  “Click”  on “About US” to learn more about our Goals and Programs.We’ll be adding photographs and links periodically. Give us your Comments and  Questions. Your insights are valued. Like US, too. We are grateful to you too.

As we step towards Election Day  2012,Tuesday, November 6, mark your calendars now  to Vote. Please take a moment to remind friends to Vote. Can you give friends or neighbors a ride to their polling place?  Our Votes are Important.  Our Votes Matter. On Election Day, Tuesday, November 6.

With Delight and Harmony, with small steps, keep smiling, keep singing. We Live Good Lives. Rejoice and Give Thinks.